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MARSHOEK Innovative Service Bureau Introduces Client Self Service, Streamlining Operations

Marshoek provides financial administration services for retail clients in The Netherlands, including grocery chains, pharmacies, garden centres and druggists.

Marshoek wanted to reduce the volume of paper documents sent by clients and to minimize manual document handling. Benefits would include lower processing costs, higher efficiency and faster client response times. Although Marshoek’s clients emailed documents, many originated in paper format. For example, retail grocers often source pro- duce from local farmers; purchases are typically transacted via paper invoices or handwritten receipts. In 2012, Marshoek reviewed process efficiency and concluded: in today’s digital world, why shouldn’t they digitize incoming client documents? First, clients sent documents by courier or post to Marshoek to be scanned centrally; however, this resulted in high delivery costs. Next, Marshoek provided scanners to clients free-of-charge with pre-programmed scanner settings, with scanned images sent via email. Although the concept was good, it created additional work for Marshoek. The biggest problem was that clients often changed the scanner settings after installation. The result: image quality and format varied widely, requiring documents to be rescanned or digital images to be converted. The second problem was file size. Because the free scanner software couldn’t separate documents, multiple invoices scanned together converted to one large pdf file. Marshoek’s server then rejected the emails due to attachment size. Because of the various scanning issues, Marshoek often contacted cli- ents to rescan and resend files. With the manual handing of images and ad- ditional service calls, Marshoek didn’t achieve the efficiencies and savings initially expected.